(★BREAKING) “Unpretty Rapstar” Rapper Yook Ji Dam Claims She Dated Kang Daniel

Yook Ji Dam went on an Instagram rampage as she claimed that a fan fiction was written about her past relationship with Wanna One’s Kang Daniel.

Female rapper Yook Ji Dam, who is widely known for being a contestant in Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar”, claims she dated Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel.

The manner in which she revealed the shocking news and how she’s responded to the criticisms has brought widespread attention from more than just Wannables.

Yook Ji Dam Reveals She’s Dated Kang Daniel

Yook Ji Dam posted multiple photos on her Instagram that had screenshots of a well-known fan-fiction blog, titled “Daniel’s Noona” that fantasized about what it would be like to date Kang Daniel.

The reason why Yook Ji Dam screenshotted the posts was to bring issue towards the author of the fanfic stories. Yook Ji Dam was concerned that the writer was a sasaeng fan or stalker because the writer’s story involved Kang Daniel making a nickname for the female protagonist; he called her “spring.”

Yook Ji Dam claimed that the author of the fanfic was a stalker because “spring” was a nickname she used when she was dating Kang Daniel. She demanded that Kang Daniel direct message her about the story.

When netizens began questioning her claims, she flat out announced that she was angry that the author was writing the story of her past relationship with Kang Daniel.

“That’s not a commoner’s blog. I only read it because it’s our story. I’m seriously going crazy.”

— Yook Ji Dam

She revealed that she’s been trying to get in contact with Wanna One’s “Kang” and “Ha”.

She claims that she’s been trying to get in contact with him to figure “it” out, but no one was returning her calls.

“Truth or not if I want to figure it out I need to know where Wanna One is but they’re all ignoring my calls.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

— Yook Ji Dam

She had also uploaded a photo of herself holding a puppy with the captions “I miss you so please contact me…” Netizens believe this was a secret message to Kang Daniel, who is frequently said to look like a puppy.

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Yook Ji Dam’s “Sanity” Is Questioned

After posting the initial post, Yook Ji Dam’s post was bombarded with comments. People asked if she was being honest if she really did date Kang Daniel. Others told her to stop lying and to delete the post.

Most of the comments, however, were directed at her sanity. People wondered if she was psychologically sane if she was sober or if she on drugs.

People questioned her sanity because Yook Ji Dam’s news was so sudden, and her grammar was hard to decipher. Her posts contained many spelling and punctuation errors.

After posting the initial post on Instagram, Yook Ji Dam went on to post more comments and posts that expressed her anger and frustration towards the author of the fanfic, claiming that the author was writing personal information about her alleged dating history with Kang Daniel. She berated the author with insults.

Later on, she directed her frustrations towards the people that questioned the validity of her confession and her current “state of mind.”

Yook Ji Dam Claims She Has Proof She Dated Kang Daniel

Amidst all this frenzy of comments and attacks, a Wanna One fan who was confused about the news decided to direct message Yook Ji Dam.

She actually got a response from Yook Ji Dam and they both shared a long “conversation” regarding the alleged dating confession.

However, Yook Ji Dam didn’t reveal any hard concrete proof she was dating Kang Daniel. The fan screenshotted the direct messages she had with Yook Ji Dam and people questioned her mental state even more.

Yook Ji Dam was adamant and firmly believed she dated Kang Daniel by the way she talked and defended herself throughout this scandal. But in the end, no proof other than her word was presented.

Aftermath Of Her Confession

Yook Ji Dam has deleted all her posts involving her anger towards the fanfic author, her skeptics and anything else related to the issue. Her latest Instagram posts have been closed for commenting so no comments can be made on her Instagram posts as of now.

The author of the Kang Daniel fanfic blog in question has released a statement saying she’s completely confused about the situation. The fanfic author announced that she will permanently close her fanfic blog because of the controversy.

“A certain famous person screenshotted my blog and started blabbering. Since my blog might be damaging Kang Daniel’s reputation I have decided to close my blog. Sigh. I’m so confused about this situation. I have no relation in any shape or form with that celebrity.”

— Fanfic Author

Yook Ji Dam’s last Instagram post demands that the haters stop bashing her as she will no longer be speaking out to clarify her deleted posts.

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“I’m not the one who should be responding to this. You guys are. Keep your hateful words to yourself if you don’t know the truth. Oh right, I don’t know either. Please show yourself… Joking… stop… I’m pissed. I don’t know what’s what and what started where. Whether it be someone’s scarred past, everyone has their own stop so stop for now.”

— Yook Ji Dam

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