“Unpretty Rapstar” Season 2 confirmed to air this September

The success of Unpretty Rapstar has resulted in Mnet to launch a second season, which has been confirmed to air this September.

A broadcasting official said, ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ will air this September. It will follow the end of ‘Show Me The Money.’

Unpretty Rapstar is the female spin-off of Show Me The Money, which is entering its fourth season. The first season of the female rapper show featured Tymee, Lil Cham, Kisum, Jessi, AOA‘s Jimin, Cheetah, Yuk Ji Dam, Jace, and Jolly V. Tracks released the show following missions have all topped the charts, further showcasing the popularity of the show.

The show has even pushed the female rappers into the spotlight with many releasing songs soon afterwards, including Jessi, Jimin (N J.Don) for “GOD,” Bora collaborating with Jace, Lil Cham, and Kisum for “Feedback,” and Cheetah scheduled to release a new solo album.

Netizens are also awaiting a new season, with many voicing out that they would like to see 2NE1‘s CL, Brown Eyed Girls Miryo, EXID’s LE, KittiB, Rimi, Yezi, and Gilme as the next contestants.

Source: Daily Sports