Unreleased Clip Of “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Has Everyone Falling For Her

… and her dance moves.

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Netflix‘s reality dating show Single’s Inferno is in its third season—and the romance and drama are hotter than ever. One contestant in particular is gaining a lot of love and attention.

“Single’s Inferno 3” poster | Netflix

Among the 12 single-and-ready-to-mingle contestants, one of them who is gaining a lot of love is Yun Ha Jeong.

Yun Ha Jeong | @hi__jjeong2/Instagram

Yun Ha Jeong gave a strong first impression with her confidence and “chin tuck” flirting technique.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Star DEX Can’t Stop Making Fun Of “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Yun Ha Jeong

She and contestant Lee Gwan Hee appeared to hit it off from the get-go, and both the audience and the panelists couldn’t get enough of their cute banter and chemistry.

Lee Gwan Hee (left) and Yun Ha Jeong (right) | Netflix K-Content/YouTube   

With each episode, Yun Ha Jeong has shown different charms. Although she may seem calm and collected, she has a humorous side to her as well.

In the most recent episodes, the panelists couldn’t help but express how adorable and unique Yun Ha Jeong was. In one scene, she was seen nonchalantly lying on the ground with her feet up against the wall while chatting with the other contestants.

| Netflix 

She was also shown jokingly yelling at another contestant for not catching a fly in the room—but her hair was in a mess, making the panelists laugh and call her cute.


And recently, in an unreleased clip released on Netflix Korea‘s YouTube channel, Lee Gwan Hee made fun of Yun Ha Jeong for dancing while waiting to ride a helicopter (to get to the other island after their first date).

Netflix K-Content/YouTube  

Yun Ha Jeong admitted she danced because she felt like the area looked like a K-Pop music video set.

Netflix K-Content/YouTube  

Two days after the clip was released, Yun Ha Jeong took to Instagram to post the dance she was talking about.

The song was none other than K-Pop girl group IVE‘s song, “I AM.” The music video for this song takes place in and on an airplane.

IVE’s music video for “I AM” | Starship Entertainment 

Yun Ha Jeong posted her dance video with the caption: “The dance I danced while waiting for the helicopter.


In the comment section, netizens poured their love for Yun Ha Jeong. Some admitted that they didn’t like her at first but were proven wrong about their first impressions after watching the episodes. Others said she was their favorite contestant on the show.

| @hi__jjeong2/Instagram
  • “She’s so cute that I can’t not leave a comment.”
  • “Omg, unnie, you’re so cute LOL!!! While watching the show, I thought it would be ‘I AM’ because it was in front of the helicopter LOL. I really like you..”
  • “Unnie, you really uploaded it! You’re the best… I can’t live without you, unnie you’re the best. I only look at you, my Ha Jeong unnie!”
  • “Your honesty is such a charm~ I started rooting for you. You’re different from my first impression of you!”

Clips of Yun Ha Jeong circulated social media as more people talked about how much they love her. Many are anticipating to see which contestant she will end up with.


Check out the unreleased clip of Lee Gwan Hee “making fun of” Yun Ha Jeong for dancing here…

…then check out the full clip of Yun Ha Jeong dancing to “I AM” here.

Source: Netflix K-Content/YouTube

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