Lee Jinhyuk Responds To Park Mi Sun’s Support For Him

He left a comment on her post.

UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk has responded to Park Mi Sun‘s words of encouragement towards him.

After Lee Jinhyuk was eliminated from the final round of Produce X 101, Park Mi Sun shared an Instagram post stating how sad she was about Jinhyuk’s elimination and encouraged him.

Translation: “I couldn’t sleep last night because of this person…How frustrated he must’ve been after striving towards his dreams…I was really upset…Jinhyuk, everything will be fine…Fighting #ISupportLeeJinhyuk”


In response to her heartfelt message, Lee Jinhyuk left a comment on her post on July 23.

Translation: “Park Mi Sun sunbaenim! This is Lee Jinhyuk! I just made my Instagram now so I’ve come to thank you even though it is late ㅎㅎ At the time, I saw your post and was very encouraged! If I get to see you at a broadcasting station, I’d like to sincerely thank you in person. Thank you so much!”


Lee Jinhyuk opened his Instagram account on July 22 and has been communicating with his fans through posts.


While he was ultimately unable to debut with X1, he has been receiving full support from his fans.


Lee Jinhyuk will be holding a solo fan meeting for these fans sometime next month.

Source: Spotv News