[★TRENDING] UP10TION Wooshin accused of touching Somi’s breasts, here’s why it’s not true

UP10TION‘s Wooshin has been accused of inappropriately touching I.O.I‘s Somi during a video for SBS MTV The Show.

During a clip made to celebrate Christmas with fans, Wooshin appeared to have grazed Somi’s chest two times. Wooshin’s actions were accused of making Somi uncomfortable, due to a split-second reaction by her but commenters are suggesting it may not be as malicious as it seems.

In the context of the videos, his gestures do not seem suspicious. The first time he grazes her, Wooshin asks Somi, “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” She unexpectedly leans in when he asks this question and as Wooshin is not looking towards her, his hand grazes against her chest.

In the second instance, Wooshin attempts to close the video message by asking Somi, “You’re going to do this with me next year too right?” Again, Wooshin extends his arm for the question, to which she responds, “Of course,” proving their strong friendship as co-hosts of the music show.

Watch the video again to see for yourself: