Up10tion’s Lee Jin Hyuk Is Criticized For Allegedly Being Rude To Red Velvet’s Wendy On Her Radio Show

“He took it too far.”

Up10tion‘s Lee Jin Hyuk is being criticized for his manners while on Red Velvet Wendy‘s radio show.

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On September 2, the singer/actor Lee Jin Hyuk was a guest on SBS‘s Wendy’s Young Street radio show. The idol who had previously appeared on the show as a special DJ started the show trading compliments with Wendy in a friendly atmosphere.

Lee Jin Hyuk snapping at Wendy | Korea Herald

Some fans, however, are stating that Lee Jin Hyuk may have gotten too comfortable when after Wendy asked the idol to come back soon, the idol suddenly made a remark about her.

I’m sorry, but on camera, you look as if your eyes aren’t focused.

— Lee Jin Hyuk

Wendy played it off, stating that her eyes were a little puffy and that it was the reason why her eyes seemed unfocused. When Wendy asked the singer to visit soon after his next album, the idol once again made a remark about Wendy’s eyes.

Your eyes look scary today.

— Lee Jin Hyuk

That wasn’t the last time Lee Jin Hyuk remarked about Wendy’s eyes. During a segment where they spoke about Lee Jin Hyuk’s recent promotions, he again commented on Wendy’s eyes.

I’m sorry. Why are your eyes shaking? Are you lacking magnesium? I’m sorry, but try to look focused.

— Lee Jin Hyuk

Unfortunately, Lee Jin Hyuk’s fixation with Wendy’s eyes did not end there, later snapping his fingers while stating, “Nuna, your eyes are unfocused,” to which Wendy replied.

It is focused. I just looked down.

— Wendy

Although Lee Jin Hyuk was clearly having fun, viewers felt it was inappropriate for a hoobae to gesture with his fingers to grab the attention of his sunbae, or senior. Netizens gathered in one of Korea’s largest online communities to respond to the interaction.


  • “Wow, his manners… He always seems to act up when he’s with women sunbaes.”
  • “This isn’t the first time, and his attitude has always been bad.”
  • “He took it too far many times. This just proves that he wasn’t trying to be funny but that he’s just a rude person. I think he took it even further since Wendy was so nice.”
  • “I remember that he had previously apologized to fans and a fellow actor for saying something he shouldn’t. It seems he’s getting in trouble again for something similar.”
  • “He took it too far.”
  • “He’s so rude… Even if her eyes seemed tired, why would you put her on blast like that? And if she denied it, he should have just apologized and moved on. Instead, he repeatedly commented about it and even snapped his fingers at her. If they were best friends, I would understand, but it was inappropriate to do that in a professional setting.”
  • “It’s disappointing that he has gotten in trouble for being rude to several women sunbaes.”

What are your thoughts on the incident?

Source: Korea Herald
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