Upcoming Crime Thriller K-Drama “I’m Watching” Aims To Reinvent The Genre

An exciting new perspective is on its way.

A new TVING original crime series I’m Watching is scheduled to be released in August! To top it off, it appears that the series is attempting to create a new genre they are calling “crime factual drama.”

It appears this genre may be similar to the English “true-crime” genre as it deals with the details of a crime realistically. The K-Drama is expected to experiment with a new show composition by expressing it in a CCTV format (security camera view).

| Nick Loggie/Unsplash

In particular, the directors hope to deliver a new perspective as it will feel like the audience is watching the crimes instead of focusing on a victim or perpetrator’s perspective. It is said to be directed by Lee Won Hyung and Kim Se Hun.

In the midst of numerous crimes, we will fulfill our role as a new watcher by observing crimes through the eyes of society, not from the perspective of victims and perpetrators.

I’m Watching production team

The show’s logo is slightly blurred yet clearly written, giving the feeling of a memo in a detective’s old diary.

Source: Korea Daily, OSEN and Ilgan Sports