Upcoming K-Drama “Imitation” Releases Posters For The Fictional Idol Groups In The Show

Fans won’t have to wait long!

The upcoming K-Drama called Imitation has recently published posters for the fictional idol groups appearing in the show!

Imitation is based on a webtoon of the same name and follows the journey of three different idol groups in the entertainment industry.

The cast includes many big names such as Jung Ji SoShim Eun JinAhn Jung HoonLim NayoungYuriMinseoU-KISS’s Lee Jun YoungBoys’ Republic’s SuwoongT-ara’s JiyeonATEEZ’s YunhoJonghoSeonghwa, and San, and SF9’s Hwiyoung and Chani.

Social media accounts were opened for each group, and they recently posted new images showing all of the members and their various concepts.

The poster for SHAX, which is the top boy group, has a darker concept with members Kwon Ryok (Lee Jun Young), Lee Hyun (Hwiyoung), Jae Woo (Ahn Jung Hoon), Do Jin (Yuri), and Hyuk (Jongho).

The second group is rival boy group Sparkling, and they seem to have a much brighter concept. Their members are Lee Yoo Jin (Yunho), Se Young (Seonghwa), Hyun Oh (Suwoong), and Min Soo (San).

The final poster released was of the girl group Tea Party made up of Lee Ma Ha (Jung Ji So), Shim Hyun Ji (Lim Nayoung), and Yoo Ri Ah (Minseo).

As with all K-Pop acts, the tweets all have the date 2021. 05. 07 (KST), which looks like it represents both the group’s debut date and when the drama will air.

Fans can’t wait to watch some of their favorite idols shine, and they won’t have to wait long!