Upcoming KBS2 drama “Producer” to run shorter than typical series

In a recent announcement in regards to the upcoming KBS2 drama Producer, officials revealed that the drama will run shorter than the typical mini-series.

Korean news source Sports Donga reported that the star-studded cast that includes popular actors Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin, as well as singer IU, met with writer Park Ji Eun to discuss the script. According to the report, Park Ji Eun reminded the cast to keep their scripts entirely confidential in order to prevent leaks before the broadcast.

With most dramas, actors receive both a hard copy and an electronic copy of their scripts. However, to prevent the script from being leaked on the internet, the cast of Producer were only given hard copies. An official from the drama explained, “‘Producer’ is shorter than most dramas and will finish after 12 episodes. Any leaking of the script will ruin the fun.”

According to the production staff, the drama will keep its story concise in order to leave a lasting impression for fans.

Top acting talents Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin reportedly accepted lower salaries for the KBS2 drama, and when combined with the statement from officials, fans won’t be able to help but be excited for its broadcast.

Producer is set to premiere on April 17th.

Source: Sports Donga