Upcoming MBC Audition Show Will Test Idol Trainees’ Physical And Mental Strength Instead Of Singing And Dancing Ability

Apparently, if you can’t survive in the wild, you can’t survive the K-Pop industry.

It has been announced that there will be an entirely new idol audition show that will choose its winning idols with an exciting method.

In March, Steel Troops was a competition show that challenged military troops to determine who was the strongest unit in Korea. It tested their strength, cooperation, and mental stability by pitting them against each other in the wild.

Steel Troops | Channel A

This new audition program is pretty much exactly the same show, but this time it will be idol trainees fighting to debut! MBC‘s Extreme Debut Wild Idols [working title] has been scheduled to air in the second half of the year and will show idols competing through survival rather than dancing or singing skills.

The program is said to be a large-scale project that is planned in an unconventional yet new format that combines an audition program with a survival program. It will break away from the existing audition programs and create a unique experience.

Steel Troops | Channel A

The show plans to discover idols who can become the next big hit with the mental and physical strength every K-Pop group needs. They hope to awaken the survival instincts of the contestants and pit them against each other with only their primal skills to help.

Producer Choi Min Geun who directed Real Men, and producer Han Young Long who directed Radio Star, will be working together on the program. They will be planning the flow of the series as well as flesh out the concept.

Steel Troops

Currently, Extreme Debut Wild Idols [working title] is still in the planning stages with several agencies and has announced its audition recruitment.

Source: Insight and Image