Upcoming Survival Show “I-LAND” Announces IU Will Be Performing Its Opening Song

Her performance will be a warm welcome to the “I-LAND.”

Earlier today, it was announced that solo singer IU would be performing the official opening track of the upcoming survival show I-LAND.

The opening song, titled “Into the I-LAND,” is set to be released on various online music sites on June 19, ahead of the show’s premiere on June 26 at 11 pm. The song is described as being a pop-rock song with dance elements accompanied with hopeful lyrics to inspire and encourage the contestants. “Into the I-LAND” is reported to be produced by Big Hit Entertainment‘s founder, co-CEO, and record executive Bang Si Hyuk.

The show itself is a joint project between Bang Si Hyuk’s company and CJ E&M to create the next global-sensation K-Pop boy group. It has already been amassing great interest and excitement when it was released that some of the producers to be featured on the show included not only Bang Si Hyuk but also RAIN and ZICO.

In addition to the announcement of IU’s participation in the show’s opening song, an official concept teaser was released earlier today online, giving viewers a tiny glimpse as to what to expect from the show.

Episodes will be simultaneously broadcast on both Mnet and tvN, with Bang Si Hyuk working as the show’s executive producer. The show’s participants and brief profiles have been made public in four independent batches, with the contestants varying in nationality, hailing from different countries, and being of a range of ages.

Only two weeks remain until the show’s premiere. With the amount of excitement it’s already generated, it’s likely to be quite an entertaining and worthwhile show to watch.

I-LAND premieres June 26 pm at 11 pm on both Mnet and tvN.

Source: Star News