Update: Agencies of Shinhwa’s Jun Jin and Yoon Jin Yi deny dating rumours

Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin and actress Yoon Jin Yi have been under the radar as their dating scenes were caught in Singapore. However, the agencies of both parties have now denied the dating rumours.

On October 21st, it was reported that Jun Jin and Yoon Jin Yi are currently in a relationship. Shortly after, Yoon Jin Yi’s agency King Kong Entertainment denied the relationship, by stating, “Her relationship with Jun Jin is not true. Yoon Jin Yi went to Singapore with her friends. We have checked and it seems like they did not meet in Singapore, not even coincidentally.

Jun Jin’s agency also released a statement, revealing, “It is true that Jun Jin is on vacation overseas but it is known that he traveled to Vietnam, not Singapore. We need to check with him to see if he departed to Singapore from Vietnam.

Despite the statements from the companies, netizens are speculating that the two stars are trying to hide the truth from the public. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

Source: News Chosun