Updates behind the mystery of Shin Hae Chul’s death

The death of the famed Korean rock star, Shin Hae Chul, shocked the entire nation in September of 2014. While sadness swept the public, the truth behind his death is still unknown. 

Questions about medical malpractice arose after Shin Hae Chul’s death. Even though numerous days had passed since the incident, the truth is still unknown and the police are still investigating. The police revealed, “There were vast amounts of data to be investigated, causing the progression of the case to slow. We will attempt to get everything ready for the prosecution by end of this week.

The responsible police department has been investigating after Shin Hae Chul’s wife questioned the medical surgery (intestinal stenosis) Shin Hae Chul had received in Seoul. The investigation took longer especially while receiving and processing the information about the body.

The respective department and the Korean Doctors’ Association stated, “It is hard to decide that an accident had occurred during surgery just because a hole was in his small intestine and the pericardial sac.

However, the two parties both admitted the fact that the surgery took place and that there was very limited response from the hospital about the holes in Shin Hae Chul’s organs. Shin Hae Chul’s agency stated that the two parties have helped confirm the mistakes made by the hospital and the surgeon. But, there were a few differences between the reported data and the data the agency had collected.

Shin Hae Chul had had surgery back in October 2014. Afterwards, he was hospitalized and released twice until finally collapsing from a heart attack after going to the hospital a third time. An emergency operation took place right after his collapse, however, Shin Hae Chul was unable to recover and passed away due to brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

Source: Daily Sports News