“All Of Us Are Dead” Actors Park Solomon And Cho Yi Hyun Break Down Their Kiss Scene

Here’s why it took seventeen takes to get right.

Though Netflix‘s All of Us Are Dead has many emotional and violent scenes, it also featured a sweet kiss scene between students Lee Su Hyuk and Choi Nam Ra. Actor Park Solomon (also known as Lomon) and actress Cho Yi Hyun recently shared the funny moments behind filming the kiss scene.

Before they could even discuss the scene, Park Solomon already had a big smile on his face just from remembering it. It turned out he had a pretty good reason to be happy.

Despite how natural the kiss looked, Park Solomon revealed that the scene took about seventeen takes to get right. Cho Yi Hyun admitted she’d been the reason why it took so many takes and shared the funny reason why.

Because a kiss requires you to close your eyes, Cho Yi Hyun encountered a funny problem. She made the cast laugh when explaining, “I’m really sorry to Lomon. I couldn’t find where his lips were because I was closing my eyes.

After every take, Cho Yi Hyun kept apologizing to Park Solomon but found out he hadn’t been upset one bit. Instead, she shared how happy he’d been to reshoot the kissing scene. Making the cast laugh once more, she imitated the way Park Solomon would smile and say, “‘Sure.‘”

Park Solomon then made everyone laugh with his confession on why it became his favorite scene from the show.

But after the kiss, I realized, ‘So this is why actors do romance movies.’ This is my favorite scene.

— Park Solomon

Check out Cho Yi Hyun and Park Solomon sharing the funny moments behind the sweet on-screen kiss.

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