“All of Us Are Dead” Actor Yoon Chan Young Has Never Experienced Love—Here’s How He Portrayed The Intense Emotions On-Screen

He is a true veteran actor!

Over the past year, it seems like Netflix has constantly been creating K-Dramas that have taken over the world, showcasing the increased popularity abroad. After the likes of Squid Game and Single’s Inferno, the next show that has viewers on the edge of their seats is All of Us Are Dead.

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The series follows a group of students battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

Even though the show is all about a zombie invasion, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any romance. Actor Yoon Chan Young plays Lee Cheong San, who is in love with his friend Nam On Jo, played by Park Ji Hoo.

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Considering that Yoon Chan Young is only 20-years-old, it wasn’t too surprising that he recently revealed that he has never experienced any real or unrequited love during his life.

In a recent interview, the actor shared his views on the idea of dating and, despite his age, explained that it isn’t something that interests him at the moment.

I’m not interested in dating, but I have a lot of love for acting, so I practiced acting a lot during my school days.

— Yoon Chan Young

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It shocked fans as, during the show, he seemed to perfectly portray the feelings of being in love with someone during the show. He even explained, “It wasn’t easy for sure.”

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Yet, Yoon Chan Young also revealed that his years of training allowed him to find methods to recreate these feelings despite never being in love. In particular, for All of Us Are Dead, he had gone to extreme lengths to ensure that his character’s feelings could be portrayed to viewers.

I put a sticker with On Jo’s face in places like my script and cell phone, always holding On Jo in my heart. I am able to endure this because of cutie On Jo.

— Yoon Chan Young

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Throughout the interview, Yoon Chan Young’s answers continued shocked fans who couldn’t believe his lack of experience with love compared to his ability to portray the feelings on the screen.

In the same interview, he even that his kiss with Park Ji Hoo was actually his first kiss ever and despite the bloopers, he managed to charm the producers.

When we first started the scene, our lips didn’t touch. Our noses blocked it. At the time, I thought ‘Huh? What am I supposed to do.’ It was a sad scene, but the producer showed us the reel on the monitor while laughing. They said it was cute.

— Yoon Chan Young

| Netflix

Despite being so young, Yoon Chan Young has proven that his years of experience in acting have made him into a phenomenal actor. After the success of the show, there is no denying that he will continue to grow as he gains more opportunities. Hopefully, he also finds love on the way, making acting in romantic K-Dramas more natural.

You can read more from the interview below.

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