“All of Us Are Dead” Yoon Chan Young And Park Solomon Predict Their Characters’ Romantic Futures In Alternative Universe

Netizens also wanted a happy ending!

After the success of the Korean Netflix series’, the latest show to gain love and attention worldwide is none other than the zombie teen K-Drama All of Us Are Dead.

The series follows a group of students who are battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources or help from the outside world, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

“All of Us Are Dead” cast | Netflix

Aside from the zombie invasion, the series follows what it’s really like for teenagers growing up, and this includes the problems of falling in love and experiencing loss. Within the series, there are two main couples, the first is Cheong San’s (Yoon Chan Young) unrequited love for his friend Nam On Jo (Park Ji Hoo.)

Yoon Chan Young (left) and Park Ji Hoo (right) | Netflix

There is also the relationship between Soo Hyuk (Park Solomon) and Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun).

Park Solomon (right) and Cho Yi Hyun (right) | Netflix

As expected, in any K-Drama focusing on a zombie invasion, lives were lost and in the end, it seemed like the fate of the relationships were doomed in a similar way to the likes of Romeo and Juliet.

Yet, it seems as if the cast of the show has recently channeled their inner positivity to imagine an alternative universe where all the characters have a happily ever after! The four main characters appeared in an interview where they discussed the success of the show and much more.

In particular, they were asked, “If the zombie outbreak had not occurred, how do you think the relationships would’ve developed.”

Although it seemed like an odd question, Yoon Chan Young seemed to have an answer without hesitation. He seemed to have an idea of how Cheong San would’ve pursued his unrequited love for On Jo.

Cheong San would’ve waited until the very last minute, like until graduation day, to confess his feelings to On Jo. Because he couldn’t tell her how he feels about her over the past 12 years.

— Yoon Chan Young

In particular, he looked at On Jo’s character and realized that his character only would’ve confessed under certain and quite hilarious circumstances.

He would only confess his feelings to her when he finds out that she’s failed the college entrance exam… I mean she’s going off to college for good.

— Yoon Chan Young

Whereas Yoon Chan Young focused on the development of his relationship, Park Solomon acknowledged that it was the zombie outbreak that brought his character closer to Nam Ra.

If it had never happened, he would have never told her how he feels about her. So, Nam Ra would still believe in the saying that first love doesn’t come true.

— Park Solomon

He then explained that it was all thanks to this tragic fate that the couple ended up together, even if it was for a short while. Unsurprisingly, Park Solomon was grateful for that opportunity to showcase teenage love.

Thanks to the zombie virus incident, he was able to confess his love to Nam Ra and I’m glad that he did so. I should maybe thank the zombies and Mr Lee Byung Chan for that.

— Park Solomon

Considering how loved all the characters were in the series, many fans would definitely love to see the future of Cheong San and On Jo. Yet, it’s bittersweet as maybe Soo Hyuk and Nam Ra wouldn’t have got together, or maybe they would’ve because of fate.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ZAPZEE Official

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