Dean Detained And Threatened By US Immigration For An Entire Day

US Immigration held Dean for hours, threatened to deport him and would not allow him to see his managers while flying to LAX for a concert.

US Immigrations (TSA) are known for their mistreatment of people entering the US. Cases in the past have included incredibly intrusive body searches and angrily questioning those who do not speak English. It seems like this time, Dean was questioned for hours and it caused the delay of his Los Angeles concert.

The artist went to Instagram to speak up, after the traumatizing incident. Here’s what his management revealed about the incident:

“Dean was supposed to arrive in LA Thursday morning with plenty of time to get some rest and rehearse for the show. For some reason, the immigration personnel in the U.S. city where Dean had a layover on the way to LA detained Dean and refused his entry into the US. Even though Dean has the proper Visa they put him through intense questioning, took his cell phone, took all his luggage, placed him in a holding facility, and were going to deport him to Korea. 

The immigration officials would not give any explanation why Dean was being held and would not let anyone talk to him or see him. His management and label worked frantically to try to understand what was happening and how to get Dean released. Dean and his team kept fighting because Dean wanted to get to LA to perform for his fans.

Finally, early Friday morning, the day of the show, Dean was released and had just enough time to fly to LA. The doors were opened late because Dean was still rushing to get to the venue. He got to the venue and didn’t even have time to do a proper sound check.

Dean performed not having slept in almost 2 days. Even with everything Dean had been put through he insisted on not canceling the show. He still performed almost all the songs he has released to date for his fans.

Dean would like to thank everyone who helped resolve the misunderstanding. Dean especially wants to thank all his fans for the love and support they showed him. He always appreciates his fans support but it especially meant a lot after what he was put through the two days leading up to the show.”

In the past, Oh My Girls also went through issues at the border, although they were accused of not having the proper visas. The group was assumed to be sex workers by US Immigration due to their young age.

Hopefully, TSA is able to fix their behavior in the future or at least be less threatening to those entering the US. Well, maybe not, with Trump as President.