US Soldiers Caught Smuggling $12M of Crystal Meth Into Korea

Prosecution states that two US soldiers were caught trying to smuggle in 9 pounds of crystal meth from California.

Authorities have detained one American soldier and indicted another one for violating the Narcotics Control Act. According to the prosecution, two US Soldiers used the army postal service in an attempt to smuggle 9 pounds (just over 4 kilograms) of crystal meth into South Korea inside cereal boxes. The two US soldiers involved are both 19 years old and part of the 2nd Infantry Division. They also strongly denied that they violated the Narcotics Control Act.

Two South Koreans have also been detained, and there may be more South Koreans involved in this drug smuggling incident. There have also been reports claiming that the US soldiers were acting as middlemen on behalf of a third party.

The soldier who was indicted (but not arrested) said he was paid to make the crystal meth delivery but did not know of the contents of the cereal boxes

The prosecutor’s office released a statement about how they will be dealing with this case.

“This is the largest amount of drugs we have found that came through the Army Postal service. The amount of crystal meth transported could be used by up to 130,000 people. The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office will cooporate with the US military and US Drug Enforcement Agency on this case.”

Pyeontaek Branch Prosecutor’s Office

The prosecutor’s office has released the following video detailing the contents of the seized items:

Source: Sputnik