US Swimmer Sierra Schmidt Goes Viral For Dancing To TWICE As Her Olympic Trials Race Warm-Up

The “Dancing Queen” is back, and she’s dancing to some of our favorite TWICE songs!

TWICE might be going to the Olympics!

On Wednesday, American swimmer Sierra Schmidt finished seventh in the 1,500 meters at the U.S. Olympic swim trials in Omaha, Nebraska. After Friday’s 800-meter freestyle trial, we will find out if she is headed to compete in the Olympics. Whatever the results, Schmidt has already won in many people’s opinions after footage of her pre-race dance routine has gone viral.

Schmidt is one of the top 10 ranking swimmers in the United States in the 400, 800, and 1500 meter freestyles. Her pre-race warm-up, however, has garnered even more attention than her swimming. But she doesn’t mind so much.

I kind of like to be known for both. One of my goals by doing the dancing, not only so that I can be less nervous, (but) also to show that there are many paths to success.

— Sierra Schmidt

Before her latest race, 23-year-old Schmidt energetically did a whole choreography as part of her warm-up routine, causing many viewers to speculate what music could be playing in her headphones.


Now this is one of the best pre-race routines we’ve ever seen, don’t you think? 🤪 #swim #swimmer #swimtrials21 #iCarlyAffirmation #omahanebraska

♬ Don’t Stop (feat. Young Thug) – Megan Thee Stallion

ONCEs (fans of TWICE) immediately recognized the iconic moves and even matched up footage of her Schmidt dancing with TWICE’s songs “Cheer Up” and “Likey.”


as a swimmer this made me so happy to see but this is now a sierra schmidt stan account #twice #once #kpop #kpopfyp

♬ CHEER UP (Japanese Ver.) – TWICE

Those who have followed Schmidt for a while now know that her nickname is actually “Dancing Queen” on the swim circuit. Schmidt told BillyPenn, “Everyone has their own pre-race routine, and for me it’s, it’s the dancing.” She has been dancing pre-race since she was a kid. She’s even a trained ballet dancer too!

Sierra Schmidt | @Sierra_Swims/Twitter & Jack Spitser

The dance routine for her pre-race warm-up stuck as she discovered it helped relieve nerves throughout the years. We can all agree that nothing TWICE is definitely a feel-good choice!

The viral clip of Schmidt dancing to TWICE has circulated widely since from both K-Pop stans and sports fanatics, admiring Schmidt’s positive energy. Now a potential Olympian and viral superstar, Schmidt has gained some new fans, which she welcomed on Twitter. She even shared her playlist ahead of her next race (the 800-meter freestyle on Friday).

Now, she has not just the support of the United States but Twiceland! Along with the rest of ONCEs, we’re rooting for Sierra!

  • “ONCEs around the world now have a new fave swimmer, Sierra! CHEER UP, & all the best to you!”
  • “Bestie, you nailed not only that but the dance as well.. congratulations”
  • “Don’t worry bestie you are already won”
  • “Us ONCE will be rooting for you”
  • “Cheer up Sierra”

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