BTS Reveals How They Are Overcoming Their Sadness In 2020

They aren’t letting the pandemic take their happiness away.

The year 2020 isn’t going the way that anyone expected, but in these uncertain times BTS is a beacon of positivity for millions.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down, BTS had planned to embark on their MAP OF THE SOUL world tour to see their fans. Postponing the tour took a toll on BTS, but they have since channeled their love for ARMY into new music.

So I think in the earlier part of the year, as you said, we were gonna go on tour but that was cancelled and pushed back, so we kept thinking, ‘What can we do right know?’ ‘What can we do best right now?’. And that was how we came up with the song “Dynamite”. This is a situation that everybody else around the world is facing, so I think we just started to explore what can we do right now, what can we do really good.

— Suga

On August 19, USA Today interviewed BTS about their upcoming song “Dynamite” and the struggles they faced while creating it. Although BTS’s songs usually have a lyric or two in English, “Dynamite” is their first all-English track.

What is the goal for “Dynamite”? According to RM, it’s to bring more happiness to the world.

So the goal of “Dynamite” is really simple. We just got ready with this dynamite to explode [over] the world with positive vibes and energy. We’ve been through all the sadness and desperation, but with this song and performance we just hope the world gets more positive, and be happy. That’s it. That’s our goal.

— RM

And how do you guys personally get over your sadness?” interviewer Rasha Ali asked. “Through a song? I know 2020 has been really heavy for a lot of us and I’m sure it can’t be easy for you guys when you’re always working. So how do you get through that yourself?”

J-Hope, who delights in bringing hope to people, spoke from the heart.

I think we’re trying to do the things that we can do in the situation that we have. ‘What is it that can lift me up?’ ‘What is it that can lift us up?’. The conclusion is always going to be music and dance that lifts me up. I’ve been trying to listen to music, write music, dance – that’s what I’ve been trying to do to cope with the situation.

— J-Hope

Like J-Hope, many people  are using music to cope with the 2020 pandemic. No matter how far apart we are, it connects us all.