Did BTS’s Jungkook And Usher Film A Music Video Together?

All signs point to “YES!”

The remix of BTS Jungkook‘s song “Standing Next to You,” featuring American R&B singer, songwriter, and dancer Usher has finally been released!

Now, netizens are speculating if a music video is on its way. Jungkook has yet to release music videos for remixes of his songs, but Usher’s might be the first.

Film director Bellamy Brewster, who works with Usher, recently shared a post via Instagram. On one slide was the cover art for “Standing Next to You,” with the first photo being of Jungkook and Usher walking together on what appears to be a music video set.

ARMYs are speculating that this is teasing that the two music legends filmed a music video together. They are very hopeful, knowing that the two met in person!

We can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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