V Turned “BTS ROOM LIVE” Into A Workout Because Why Not?

He’s a multi-tasking king!

There’s an unspoken rule when it comes to BTS content; if it’s not chaotic, it’s not BTS!

BTS | HYBE/Weverse

Today, BTS’s continued their FESTA celebrations with BTS ROOM LIVE, a medley performance of seven songs: “I Like It,” “Look Here,” “Save Me,” “Outro: Wings,” “Pied Piper,” “UGH!,” and “Telepathy.”

From beginning to end, BTS ROOM LIVE was full of fun moments, beautiful vocals, and rapid-fire raps, but V‘s antics, in particular, caught fans’ eyes during “Outro: Wings.”

V | HYBE/Weverse

While the rest of BTS was jamming to the song, V decided to slip in a quick workout! He picked up a chair and got to work on building his shoulder muscles. Notice how he is only exercising his left arm.

It looks like V might be balancing out his “Butter” workouts! During BTS’s comeback live, Jimin revealed that V had focused on pumping up the muscles in his right arm…

…for this scene in the music video. It just goes to show that we can all find ways to exercise any time anywhere!

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

Watch the BTS ROOM LIVE here:


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