“Itaewon Class” Confirms BTS’s V Is In Talks To Get His Wish—Singing An OST For The Drama

V’s been wishing for this for months.

It’s been months since BTS’s V told ARMYs he wants to sing an OST for hit drama Itaewon Class. Now, the producers have confirmed his appearance on the soundtrack is potentially in the works!

When an ARMY asked V to recommend a movie on a live broadcast back in December, he suggested an upcoming drama instead—Itaewon Class, featuring his close friend and Parasite star Park Seo Joon.

Park Seojoon and V have been the best of friends since they appeared on Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth together.

V’s recommendation created such a buzz that “Itaewon Class” trended on Naver’s real-time search, and ARMYs couldn’t wait for the show’s premiere.

One fan brought it up again on Weverse a few weeks later, and V gave a response that got everyone even more interested in the show: “I want to sing an OST for it kekeke”.

In February, just a few days after Itaewon Class’s first episodes, fans talked to him on Weverse about it again. Shockingly, V revealed that he almost made a cameo on the show.

During the Halloween shooting, V went to the Itaewon Class set to cheer for his friend while wearing a monkey mask. He asked the director to film him and a few other friends wearing the mask, but unfortunately the director said it would be a problem.

Once again, V expressed to fans how much he wanted to sing an OST for the drama, saying he was free to talk about it since nothing had been decided yet.

V with Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik.

But now, it seems his wish may have come true! On March 6, TV Report announced that V would have his own Itaewon Class OST. Newsen later updated with a statement from the Itaewon Class production team, who confirmed that V’s potential participation on the soundtrack is currently being coordinated.

So far, other artists who have appeared on the drama’s soundtrack include VERIVERY, Yoon Mirae and Kim Woosung from The Rose.


If everything goes ahead as planned, this will be V’s second OST. He previously sang “It’s Definitely You” with Jin for the Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth soundtrack. The song was an overwhelming success, selling over 75,000 units and even charting at #1 on the Billboard World Chart. It was also nominated for a Melon Music Award in 2017.

So, there’s no doubt that if V appears on the Itaewon Class soundtrack, the song is sure to be another hit.