V Introduced Himself In Chinese, But There Was Just One Problem

He said his line exactly as he wanted to, but…

BTS were in Taipei, Taiwan last week for the Super SBS Concert and got to greet Taiwanese ARMY’s after a long time apart.


The members all greeted their fans happily, but V’s introduction in particular gave the fans a little chuckle.

“They introduced themselves in Chinese but Kim Taehyung… ‘Hello I’m V, I’m 20 years old and in charge of vocals. Please take care of us.’ seriously how well did he memorize his ment from so many years ago that he didn’t get one thing wrong and remembered it all.” — @H_gypsohila 


V has been introducing himself as 20-year-old V for five years now!

After V introduces himself in Taiwan, you can hear the fans giggle at his cute mistake.


He’ll always be 20-year-old “young forever” V in ARMY’s hearts!