When V Said He Bathes Before Meeting ARMY, BTS Completely Lost It

V’s “love message” to ARMY gave his members giggle fits.

Every time V meets ARMY he takes a bath.

Wait, what? Let’s go back and start from the beginning! After the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, BTS had a BBQ party with Nippon TV. During the party, BTS played a keyword game where they had to send a love message to ARMY using the word they were given. Some of the keywords were “praying mantis”…

…rice scooper…

…and “abs”.

V’s word was “bath”. He was the second last member to send his message so, by this point, his members were already too giggly to function. As soon as he said, “whenever I meet ARMY…”, Jimin added, “You take a bath?”, setting off a chain reaction of laughter.

The second time V tried to say his message, J-Hope interrupted and everyone laughed again. They tried to get their giggles under control so that V could finish, but…

…they failed. Big time. When V randomly referenced two historical figures from the Three Kingdoms period, BTS completely lost it! Jimin and Jin could hardly breathe…

…and RM rocked back and forth, slapping the table.

The more V tried the explain, the funnier it got!

Check out the rest of this hilarious party here:


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