BTS Reveals How They Feel About Politics And Being A “Political” Group

They shared their thoughts in a new interview.

Through music and acts of love, BTS have become champions of hope who bring positive changes to the world.

Many of their songs tackle topics that could be deemed political. BTS has also spoken out about racial discrimination and contributed to causes, including UNICEF and Black Lives Matter, but how do they feel about politics?

In a new interview with Variety magazine, Suga and RM answered this question on behalf of the group. Suga said, “I don’t consider ourselves as political. We aren’t trying to send out some grandiose message.”

Instead of diving into politics themselves, BTS speaks through ARMY and ARMY speaks through BTS. “We would see ARMY as a conduit for our voice or our opinion,” Suga continued. “ARMY speaks their own initiatives, and we always respect their opinions, as we respect any other person’s.”

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Like their songs, BTS’s thoughts about mixing music and politics aren’t black and white. According to RM, it’s all up to interpretation. “We are not political figures,” he explained. “but as they say, everything is political eventually. Even a pebble can be political.”

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Source: Variety