Variety Throw Unecessary Shade Towards BTS In Their Jonas Brothers Album Review

Many felt it was mean-spirited.

A Variety article reviewing The Jonas Brothers’ newest album Happiness Begins is under fire from ARMY for including a snide remark at its conclusion which diminishes BTS.

Variety writer A.D Amorosi gushes over Happiness Begins in a well-written and positive piece. A comment at the conclusion of the article seems to be an unnecessary dig at BTS who the Jonas Brothers themselves have in the past supported.

Yeah, the Jonas Brothers are back, and just in time to show the BTSes of the world how it’s really done.

– A.D Amorosi

The comment seems to imply that BTS is “just another pop group” and diminishes their numerous accomplishments. ARMY aren’t happy and are wondering if this comment was really necessary in an article completely unrelated to BTS and K-Pop.

Source: Variety