VAV Gives The Gift Of Sound Through Audiobook For Hard Of Hearing Children

VAV gives the gift of sound using their voices for hard of hearing children.

VAV has participated in a campaign to help hard of hearing children by producing an audiobook.




A TEAM Entertainment stated, “VAV took part in the ‘Gift Of Sound’ campaign and recorded an audiobook using their voices on November 14 and 15 at EBS.”




The ‘Gift of Sound’ campaign is a joint campaign by EBS and Genie Music that helps children who are hard of hearing. All the members of VAV recorded a story with their voice to create an audiobook for the children. All the proceeds from the book will go to the ‘Snail of Love’ Deaf Volunteer Organization.




VAV revealed the pressure they had recording the stories as they felt it was hard to express someone else’s story and message with their voice.

We felt a lot of pressure and emotion, knowing that we were using our voices to tell someone’s story. We put our best efforts into each passage so much so that our voices closed up after completing the recording.




They also hoped that everyone would understand that there could be some awkward parts as it was their first time doing a recording such as this.

It might be a bit awkward because it’s our first time, but we did put our best effort to complete the book. We hope to participate again if the opportunity arises.




VAV is currently on their Meet & Live Europe Tour 2019.

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