Verbal Ambush and U-KISS’ Kevin commemorate Japan’s tragic 2011 earthquake and tsunami

As March 11th marks the fourth anniversary for the tragic earthquake and tsunami that destroyed homes and lives in Japan, Verbal Ambush and U-KISSKevin shared their support for people who were harmed during the devastating event.

Hip-hop artist Verbal Ambush shared his thoughts through Twitter on March 11th with the simple and short message, “REMEMBER 3.11.

While adding a photo of a Yahoo search of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami via Twitter, U-KISS’ Kevin also showed his support for people who were involved, writing in Japanese, “I support you.”

The tragic event took place on March 11, 2011, where it unfortunately ended lives of many Japan residents. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake caused the overpowering tsunami, resulting in the deaths of people.