Verbal Jint accused of plagiarising Omarion’s “Post To Be”

Verbal Jint has recently been swirled in plagiarism accusations regarding the track titled “My Type.”

On February 13th, the second track off Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar, My Type,” was released, showcasing the skills of competitors Jessi and Cheetah and featuring Kangnam. However, many have noted “My Type” to be strikingly similar to Omarion’s “Post To Be.”

Such accusations accumulated through various SNS outlets. Although the vocals and melody lines are different, commenters mentioned that the introduction and main theme of the two songs are similar. Some viral posts even compared the two songs directly together.

According to editor Kang Il Kwon, “It is probably a typical disgrace of K-pop, as many use popular songs in America as a reference source. If you listen to both ‘My Type’ and ‘Post To Be,’ it is possible that many would doubt that it took reference of it. However, plagiarism is a difficult topic unless the original composer of the song claims a lawsuit. Because original composers in foreign countries don’t actually bother much about the songs released in Korea, the industry is showing a strange trend where netizens bring up controversies of plagiarism first.”

Meanwhile, “My Type” has earned the #1 spot on various music charts since its release earlier last month. Take a listen to both tracks below:

Source: Ilgan Sports