VERIVERY’s Dongheon Tests Positive For COVID-19

We hope he gets better soon!

VERIVERY’s Dongheon has been diagnosed with COVID-19. According to Jellyfish Entertainment, he tested positive after taking a PCR test on March 21. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment. On March 21, our artist VERIVERY’s Dongheon tested positive for COVID-19 after taking a PCR test. He first received a positive result through a rapid antigen test and additionally conducted a PCR test, confirming positive as a final result.

Dongheon has currently completed the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and is in self-quarantine. Due to this, we are currently suspending all schedules and complying with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities to focus on treatment and recovery. We will do our best for the health and safety of our artists. We apologize to everyone for causing concern. 

Source: osen