VERIVERY Hilariously Reveal The Best Singer, Dancer And Rapper In The Group

Do you agree with their choices? 😂

In a hilarious video for Seventeen‘s “Superlatives” series on YouTube, VERIVERY were asked to pick the best singer, dancer and rapper in their group!

Their answers were divided on this one: Gyehyeon and Dongheon picked main vocalist Yeonho, while Yongseung and Hoyoung picked Kangmin–who also picked himself!

Yeonho then agreed on Kangmin being the best singer, saying “If he continues with this force, he’s the best.”

Then the group made Yeonho sing, as he is the main vocalist, after all. After a bit of playful bickering, he sang part of their latest song “Get Away.”

When it came to picking the best dancer, Dongheon, Kangmin and Gyehyeon all picked themselves!

“Wasn’t everyone gonna pick themselves?” asked Gyehyeon, much to the amusement of his members.

Yeonho and Hoyoung picked each other, while Yongseung picked Kangmin.

They didn’t settle on one specific member, but Hoyoung wanted to explain why he chose Yeonho: “Lately, [he’s] gotten a lot better. [He’s] the person who’s improving the most. At this rate with this force, no one will catch up with Yeonho.”

The best rapper question, however, was much more straightforward: they all picked Yongseung!

“When we’re composing songs, he always takes the rapping.” Yeonho

“He makes a lot of raps,” said Dongheon. “So his rapping is getting better and better.”

You can watch them bicker about their answers and more in the video below!

Source: YouTube