Veteran Actor Criticizes Idols’ Managers For Parking Illegally In The Handicapped Parking Spots

He warned that he’ll personally identify and call them out next time.

Veteran actor, Kim Eui Sung, recently visited the MBC studio on a Saturday where he saw how the idol managers’ park their vans in the parking lot.


He uploaded a photo of celebrity vans parked right alongside each other in the basement parking lot of MBC. He realized that the vans belonged to the idols who were currently filming for Music Core. The issue with their parking was that the vans took over the handicapped parking spots despite not having the legal tags that allow them to park there.

엠비씨 지하주차장의 토요일 풍경은 불편합니다.음악중심 녹화가 있는 날이라 가수분들의 차량이 많이 주차되어있는데요, 사진에 보이는 곳은 장애인 주차구역입니다.토요일은 일반차량 출입이 통제되는 날입니다만, 그래도 장애인 주차구역은 항상 예외없이 지켜져야 하는것 아닙니까?다음주부터는 차량번호 공개하고 신고조치 하도록 하겠습니다.

Posted by 김의성 on Saturday, May 11, 2019


He uploaded the photo with a warning to the idols’ managers. He advised them to park in a legal spot next week or he will reveal their license plates and report them to the traffic police.

The basement parking lot at MBC is problematic during Saturdays. Many singers park their car for the Music Core filming, but the photo you see is the handicapped parking area.

The parking lot is closed off to public parking on Saturdays but shouldn’t we always keep to the handicapped parking area rule without any exceptions?

Next week, I’ll reveal the cars’ license plates and report them.

— Kim Eui Sung


Netizens praised Kim Eui Sung for calling out the managers and supported his vow to report them if they parked illegally again.


Park Eui Sung has been in the acting business since 1995, where he’s appeared in multiple award-winning movies and dramas. His recent notable works include Mr. Sunshine and W.

Park Eui Sung playing the villain in “Mr. Sunshine”.
Source: Star In