Veteran Actor Jung Won Joong Involved In Car Accident Killing 17 Year Old Delivery Driver

His car struck and killed the 17 year old.

Veteran actor Jung Won Joong, who is currently starring in KBS weekend drama Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life, has been revealed to have been involved in a car accident, killing a 17 year old delivery driver.

According to police, on October 22, Jung Won Joong was driving in his passenger car near a large grocery mart, when he made a left turn. While making his left turn, he collided with the delivery driver. The collision happened at 7:32 pm.

The 17 year old delivery driver was seriously injured in the collision, and rushed to the Yangpyeong Hospital for emergency treatment. While the Yangpyeong hospital was in the middle of preparing the victim for an airlift to a larger hospital, the 17 year old succumbed to his injuries, and died.

Preliminary investigations show that police believe the accident occurred due to it being night, and Jung Won Joong not being able to see the delivery driver or his motorbike. They have reportedly ruled out alcohol as a cause for the accident.

According to Ilgan Sports, Jung Won Joong admitted to his faults related to the accident. KBS weekend drama Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life has also stated that he will withdraw from the drama.

Korean television and movie fans may recognize Jung Won Joong from the movies Midnight Runners, Steel Rain, or The Attorney. He also played roles in the dramas Hospital Ship, Reply 1988, and Winter Sonata.

Source: Sports Chosun and Ilgan Sports (1) and (2)