Veteran artist Choi Baek Ho chooses IU as his favorite idol

One year after their collaboration, South Korean veteran artist Choi Baek Ho chose IU as his favorite idol.

On an episode of KBS The Human Condition which aired on the 25th, legendary veteran singer, Choi Baek Ho, talked about his favorite junior singers and chose IU as his favorite idol.

When comedian Kim Junhyun, who was with Choi Baek Ho at the time, asked who his favorite junior artist was, the veteran answered, “I really like IU, but I’m also pretty acquainted with ALi,” he continued, “Once there was a time when IU sang a song with me during my concert and ALi was watching from the audience. It was the greatest moment of my life.

Accordingly, Kim Junhyun thought it would be nice to give ALi a phone call to ask her to come visit the filming of The Human Condition for senior Choi Baek Ho.

Although ALi agreed and complied to the request, Kim Junhyun jokingly broke her momentary glory by saying that Choi Baek Ho chose IU as his favorite junior and not herself. All staff and cast broke out in laughter as the friendly phone call ended.

Prior to this episode, Choi Baek Ho and IU collaborated on a track titled, “Walk With Me, Child” back in 2013. The song portrays a story about a man and a child who rely on each other to become chatting companions, such that they can share their heartbreaking stories together.

Check out a live performance of the song below!

Source: Newsen and Gasengi

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