Ex-Girlfriend Of Veteran Idol Announces She’s Pregnant With His Child, He Responded To Her Claims

She claims he wanted her to get an abortion.

Idol-turned-actor Kim Jung Hoon‘s ex-girlfriend recently revealed that she’s pregnant with his child and filed a lawsuit against him for failing to provide what he had promised her after learning about their child.

The ex-girlfriend claimed in the lawsuit that Kim Jung Hoon and her relationship began to sour after they learned of her pregnancy. When she decided to move back in with her parents, Kim Jung Hoon offered to pay for her deposit and rent. She claims he promised her 10 million won (~$8,900 USD) for the deposit along with monthly rent, but he only paid 1 million won (~$890 USD) and stopped all contact. She is suing him for the remaining balance of 9 million won and rent.

She also claimed that as they began to fight more often after the pregnancy, he implied that she should get an abortion.

After remaining silent about the lawsuit and pregnancy claims, Kim Jung Hoon spoke up through his agency. His agency announced that he plans on taking full responsibility once it’s been proven that he’s the father. However, should it all have been false rumors, they plan on taking strict legal actions.

“When Kim Jung Hoon learned about the pregnancy through a mutual friend, he repeatedly told the ex-girlfriend that he will take full responsibility once he’s been confirmed to be the child’s father. However, they were unable to settle things peacefully due to their differing opinions.

Kim Jung Hoon and his agency, Creative Gwang, will do everything we can to resolve this issue. On the other hand, if it’s discovered to be false rumors, we will take strict legal action.

We would like to apologize to the fans who continue to support us, the production staff of Taste Of Dating, and Kim Jin Ah, who has been hurt by this news. We apologize to everyone for having to relay unfortunate news.”

Kim Jung Hoon never told the ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. If that was the case, this would have been a police investigation rather than a civil lawsuit.”

— Creative Gwang

Kim Jung Hoon first rose to fame as a member of the idol duo, called UN. Starting from the early 2000’s, he’s gained a lot of fans for his sweet visuals, soft vocals, and the fact that he attended Seoul University before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He also gained recognition as an actor after starring in hit dramas, like Princess Hour and I Need Romance.

He recently appeared on Taste Of Dating, where he was paired up with actress Kim Jin Ah. The TV couple received a lot of love for their sweet and innocent romance.

Source: Chosun Sports
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