Veteran Artist Im Chang Jung Reveals He Would Love To Collaborate With BTS

He also talks about his long 31-year stint in the entertainment industry, and mentions BTS as an artist he really respects!

Singer Im Chang Jung, often referred to as Korea’s OG all-round entertainer, shared his thoughts on his 31st debut anniversary, his image as an entertainer, and also on wanting to collaborate with BTS!

Im Chang Jung | @imchangjung3309/Instagram

To celebrate his 31st anniversary since debut, Im Chang Jung, who currently holds the title of top singer, actor, catering industry CEO, senior in the K-entertainment field, father to five sons, and popular YouTuber, sat down for an interview and answered questions about himself!

One of the questions he was asked was,

What kind of energy do you want to convey to the public as a celebrity?

Im Chang Jung revealed that the only way he’s lived all these years is by being true to himself!

I’ve never given nor received any message to the public in my entire life. I just lived the way my heart told me to. There are people that look at me negatively, and some who look at me in a positive light.

It’s hard to be loved by everyone. If even just one person sees me and thinks I’m a good person, wouldn’t that mean I’ve lived a good life?

—Im Chang Jung

As a multi-entertainer that excels in all fields, he was also asked to reveal which “Im Chang Jung” shines the most according to him, and he was also asked to share the factors that contributed to his great success!

It’s hard to choose just one. I’m focusing on training and caring for junior artists these days. It’s the field I am most confident in these days. The process of making and recording songs for junior groups is really fun.

I was just lucky. I don’t think my hard work and effort was everything. I’m lucky enough to do this interview like this now because of my luck. I never thought that I was someone that was great enough to hold an interview with either.

—Im Chang Jung

In the interview, Im Chang Jung was also asked to name a singer he has his eyes on for a possible collaboration!

Is there a singer that you would like to work with?

And he answered saying he would love to work with BTS someday!

BTS. It would fulfill the rest of my dreams (laughs). I’m just kidding. I think they are great artists. I like their songs so much that I put all of them in my playlist.

—Im Chang Jung

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Im Chang Jung is someone that embraces the memories of the past and the happiness of the present, but is also full of passion for the future. It looks like it was his sincerity that made him loved by so many people, even today!

Source: Oh My Star