Veteran K-Pop Directors Explain Why BTS’s “No More Dream” MV Shouldn’t Be Pitied

ARMYs may be surprised to learn this.

When BTS made their debut in 2013 with “No More Dream”, they didn’t have as much funding behind them as they do now.

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Some ARMYs look back at its music video with pity, saying that there’s a huge budget difference between it and their more recent comebacks.

The difference of before and after they made money.

— K-Netizen

Veteran K-Pop directors Kim Jun Hong and Hong Won Gi from ZANYBROS recently guested on AYO‘s YouTube channel to explain why you shouldn’t pity the music video of “No More Dream”.

Contrary to popular belief, “No More Dream” wasn’t a cheaply made music video at all. Kim Jun Hong recalled how costly it was to produce and how hands-on Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Si Hyuk was with it.

I remember Producer Bang wasn’t a petty person who didn’t invest in content. If a camera didn’t catch them well, he would contact us right away and say ‘Let’s film another cut for this’.

— Kim Jun Hong

Hong Won Gi then commented on the importance of music videos for new artists.

When idols first come out, they should stand out among all the idols out there. Depending on how much investment you spend, their level becomes different from the start.

— Hong Won Gi

He ended by reiterating that the music video for “No More Dream” wasn’t cheap.

The difference back then and now is enormous, but that wasn’t small money back then for sure.

— Hong Won Gi

Curious to know more about the experiences of K-Pop directors? Watch the full video below:

Source: AYO 에이요