Veteran Singer Im Eun Sook Passes Away From Breast Cancer

Im Eun Sook of veteran girl group Sse Sse Sse passed away after battling breast cancer.

Singer Im Eun Sook passed away earlier today at age 45. She was battling breast cancer but was unfortunately unable to beat it.

Im Eun Sook debuted in 1993 in the popular group Sse Sse Sse. She was best known for her fierce girl-crush attitude, often referred to as the original girl-crush idol of K-Pop.

Im Eun Sook recently guest starred on Sugar Man 2, where she revealed that she had stage 4 breast cancer. She shed tears as she revealed how it may be the last time she would get to spend time with her members.

“About a month before filming [Sugar Man 2], the cancer spread to my liver so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to participate in the broadcast.

But I decided to participate in order to keep a promise with my daughter and to create a good memory with my members for the last time.”

— Im Eun Sook

A close relative of Im Eun Sook expressed their deep remorse that she was unable to spend more time with her loved ones.

“Im Eun Sook was a good person. It would have been nice if she had more time to spend with her loved ones before she left.”

— Close Relative

Im Eun Sook’s funeral has been set up at the Hongsung Memorial Funeral Home in Chungnam Province. She will forever be remembered for her stunning performances as the powerful vocalist of legendary K-Pop group, Sse Sse Sse.

Source: Herald Pop