Veteran Singer Joo Hyunmi Opens YouTube Channel To Reconnect With Fans

The 57-year-old singer opened up her own channel called 주현미 TV.

Joo Hyunmi, a singer who was popular during the mid-1980’s and early 1990s, has opened up a YouTube channel to connect with her fans. She asks her fans to send her songs they want to hear and she responds by posting her covers to her channel.

In an interview with Chosun, she explained why she decided to open up her own YouTube channel.

Interest is fading for Korea’s older pop songs, including elegiac songs, so I decided to communicate with fans directly through my channel, to give them a chance to love Korea’s older pop songs, the songs loved throughout many generations.

She also says that it’s hard for singers like her to perform on different music and variety shows, as they tend to focus on trendy and popular songs that target the youth of today. She says that the ways she can perform now is through dinner shows or concerts but the cost of staging something like that is difficult.

The singer is happy using YouTube, since she says that it helps promote her new music easily. She claims that whenever she released a new song, she would rarely see it on music-streaming charts since her music appealed to an older audience who tended not to be active in those platforms.

Check out Joo Hyunmi’s channel here!