Veteran singer Kim Hyun Jung reveals she would like to work with miss A’s Suzy

Veteran singer Kim Hyung Jung will be making her comeback into the music scene with a new song.

During an interview with bnt, Kim Hyun Jung mentioned, “I am planning to release a dance track, just like how people associate Kim Hyun Jung with the genre.”

When she was asked what girl group she would most aspire to work with, she answered, “I like miss A‘s Suzy a lot,” and added on another topic, “Other than her, although I don’t know ALi personally, she has always gave a polite greeting.. also I sometimes talk with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Yewon (former Jewelry) once in a while through messenger.”

Also, she shared her thoughts on how people call her “Long Leg Beauty” even until today. She commented, “I’m no longer a beauty. It was a given nickname during my debut and still happens to be associated with me until today. Nonetheless, it still feels good to be called like that.”  

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Jung has recently returned to the public with the back to the 90s music boom initiated by “TOTOGA” from Infinite Challenge.

Source: Osen