Veteran trot singer Tae Jin Ah accused of gambling

Veteran trot singer, Tae Jin Ah, has been accused of gambling hundreds of millions in won. He promised, as the leader of Singer Association in Korea, to not let this case just dwindle away.

On the March 20th broadcast of MBN‘s segment of News & Issue, Tae Jin Ah made an appearance to clarify the recent gambling accusations. During the interview, he mentioned, “This can’t be more ridiculous. It’s one of the distressing experiences as a celebrity. If we are blindly bashed like this, no celebrities in Korea can ever be a free individual. Other Korean celebrities encounter such situations as well. As the leader of Singer Association experiencing what’s happening right now, I will take this issue to its end.”

Previously, an American journal reported that Tae Jin Ah gambled on a big game in Los Angeles. Following the gambling reports, Tae Jin Ah expressed through his agency, “The reported “millions of gambling” news by a certain press company is not true. It’s groundless. I am dumbfounded and mortified.”

Source: TV Report