Lawyer Reveals Why Victims Of Kang Ji Hwan’s Sexual Assault Were Unable To Directly Report Him To The Police

They had to ask their acquaintances for help.

The lawyer of the victims of Kang Ji Hwan‘s sexual assault case has revealed why they could not report Kang Ji Hwan to the police directly.

On July 14th, Channel A released an interview with the victims’ lawyer, who explained why they were unable call the police. Netizens were confused as to why the victims had to request help from their acquaintances via text message instead of calling the police themselves.

The victims’ cell phone signals were not working at (Kang Ji Hwan’s) home. Only certain carriers worked and other carriers did not get a signal. They called the police first but failed to get through.

ㅡ Victims’ lawyer


According to Channel A, the cell phone of one of the victims had a log of 13 failed calls to her acquaintances including staff members of Kang Ji Hwan’s agency. In the end, the victim was left to connect to WiFi and send her friend the message, “We drank at Kang Ji Hwan’s house and now we’re trapped.”

Kang Ji Hwan was accused of sexually assaulting and sexually harassing two women from a subcontractor who was helping with his filming. He was arrested on the spot and later claimed to not remember anything as he was drunk at the police station.


Meanwhile, the police will be sending the evidence collected from the victims to the National Forensive Service to identify Kang Ji Hwan’s DNA.

Source: Sports Seoul