Victim of Rape By Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon Speaks Out On Her Terrifying Experience

She was a victim of rape.

A victim of rape by 5 members of the group chat, including Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon, has spoken out about her harrowing experience and why she decided to come out and file a lawsuit against them.

The victim confirmed that there were audio files, videos, and pictures of her in the chatroom and decided she will file a complaint with the police on April 19.

The woman stated that she lost consciousness while drinking with Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, Burning Sun employee “Kim“, former YG Entertainment employee “Heo“, and businessman “Park” in March 2016. The next morning, she woke up and was naked.

“Park” vehemently denied any claims of being involved in the rape, and the other 4 members that are reportedly involved did not respond to requests for comment.

She was able to secure an audio file and 6 pictures of her being sexually assaulted or raped. She held an interview with Kang Kyung Yoon, and revealed her story.

Kang Kyung Yoon: What relationship did you have with the 5 members?

“A”: I was introduced to Jung Joon Young in 2012 by an acquaintance, and I’ve known “Kim” since 2013. Seungri was in a relationship with my friend, so we all gathered together. In early 2016, Jung Joon Young was having a fan signing so he said that if the schedules matched, we should all get together and have a drinking party. There were the 5 members of the chatroom (Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, “Kim”, “Park”, and “Heo”) and myself, for a total of 6 people. I was a little drunk but since there were 2 celebrities and I had known them for several years, I wasn’t too wary about anything going wrong. We went to a hotel suite and I had asked for another drink when we got there, but once I drank it, I lost my mind.

Kang Kyung Yoon: What was the situation like when you regained consciousness?

“A”: I had a headache when I woke up, and all of my clothes were taken off. Choi Jonghoon was next to me and smiling. I had no clothes on so I asked what kind of situation this was, and he just said ‘you don’t remember?’ and giggled. He kept going on and I was naked when the others came in and teased me to find my underwear. “Heo” tried to jokingly have sex with me, but I seriously told him I would not and he gave me my underwear back. I remember finding my clothes in the hotel and leaving.

Kang Kyung Yoon: Did you suspect at the time that you may have been gang raped?

“A”: I don’t remember anything since I lost my mind after taking the drink in the hotel. I was taking medication for panic disorder at the time so I only vaguely remember some things. At some place, I got bumped in the back of my head and it was swelling. I woke up in the morning naked and I felt humiliated, I didn’t know the situation going on and I was too frustrated to ask. After leaving the hotel, I got calls from Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, and “Kim” in succession. Choi Jonghoon told me ‘see you again’. It was difficult to hastily ask him anything.

Kang Kyung Yoon: Were you in contact with them after the news of the chatrooms came out?

“A”: I was in contact with Choi Jonghoon and “Kim”. I asked them if they took any hidden cameras of me. They said that there was no conversations about me and to believe them. They also said not to worry, and to see my face. I thought it would be hard to expect a sincere apology and remorse from them.

Kang Kyung Yoon: Why did you decide to sue them?

“A”: It is very painful to think about that day. It was so hard and embarrassing that I tried to not talk about it on purpose. After seeing the report, the people I thought I was close friends with really weren’t who I thought they were. All they could think about was playing with a person like me as if I was toy. It was so embarrassing and difficult. I hope they pay for their crimes.

Kang Kyung Yoon: How do you feel before the lawsuit?

“A”: I’m worried if whether I will get my revenge, or if the police will investigate the case properly. The police said they would investigate the chatrooms but I have never heard from the police about them investigating. I don’t know if the investigation is going properly, and if they claim it’s not them, I don’t know what will happen to me. It’s very scary to know that people know I am a victim of this


Source: SBS FunE

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