Victim Of Rape At Seungri and Roy Kim’s Party Comes Forward About What Happened To Her

She was raped at their party.

Another victim of rape by members of the infamous chatroom has come forward to speak about what happened to her. She came to Korea from her home overseas to testify to the police about what happened.

A woman only identified as Ms. Lee was invited to a get-together in 2016 by an acquaintance of Seungri‘s. This get-together included Seungri, Roy Kim, Yoo In Suk and others members of the chatroom. The party was not held in Korea, but overseas. Ms. Lee did not know any of the men at the party, but she accepted the invitation without any hesitation after being told her other female friends were also invited and that there would be separate sleeping areas for the women.

The men didn’t accompany us, it was a place where only the women could get in if they had the passcode. It was separate from the men’s quarters.

— Ms. Lee

The problem occurred that evening. All of the guests gathered in the living room at the men’s quarters for dinner and drinks. However, Ms. Lee quickly lost her mind. She stated that she drinks well, but this time was different for some reason.

I am a heavy drinker. I’m known for being good at drinking.

— Ms. Lee

The female friends who came with her let put her on the floor in the room next to the living room to rest. However, the next morning when the friends came back to pick her up, they discovered her on the bed in a room on the opposite side. She was on the bed, stripped of her clothes.

There is another room that is connected by the bathroom, and I was found in that other room, not the room that they originally put me in.

When I opened my eyes, my friend was angry at me. The first thing she did was screamed at me to get to my senses. I didn’t even wake up to them pinching or hitting me. It took them 30 minutes to wake me up. They had to hit me on the cheek and pinch me on my thighs, arm, and stomach

— Ms. Lee

Ms. Lee was very ashamed and unable to keep herself steady but was finally able to get herself to the female quarters, where she fell asleep again. She learned of what happened after losing her mind years after it happened, through Kakao chat logs.

Mr. Kim from the chatroom filmed her being raped and shared it in the chatroom. The other members of the chatroom said that Ms. Lee was passed out and it was rape. But no one from the chatroom, including Mr. Kim, has apologized for what happened.

Mr. Kim: Video file

Choi Jonghoon: Why is it so short?

Mr. Kim: Video file

Choi Jonghoon: What is this, she is passed out.

Mr. Kim: She’s passed out, what can I do?

Jung Joon Young: That’s rape ㅋㅋ

Instead, Mr. Kim claimed to police during the investigation that the sex was consensual. Seungri’s legal counsel has also already commented on the matter, saying that he doesn’t remember what happened because it was so long ago.

Mr. Lee explained why she took so long to come forth with her statement, and why she did end up revealing what happened.

If a person like this gets away free, they’ll just think that’s it’s so easy to get away, and there could be another target. I was also a person who thought I would never had something like this happen to them.

But anyone can be a victim. It could be my younger sister. I don’t want there to be anymore victims, I want them  to be punished, so I thought I should come out.

— Ms. Lee

The police have confirmed that the woman in the video in question was Ms. Lee and have also charged Mr. Kim for quasi-rape. Quasi-rape is defined as “engaging in sexual intercourse with another person by taking advantage of his or her state of unconsciousness or inability to resist.” Police are also investigating whether a drug was used at the time of the party.

Source: SBS

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