Victim records the horrifying abuse suffered from her Korean boyfriend

An investigation about a female victim has come to light after a recording of the horrific abuse she suffered from her former boyfriend was uncovered. 

On November 28th, it was reported that the victim was assaulted for at least four hours by her boyfriend, a 31 year old Korean man, and revelled that she had been victimised from occasional suffering before deciding to start recording the abuse.

During the interview, she detailed that he would normally verbally abuse her, slap her face more than 200 times and would be subjected to kicking, choking and spitting. The recording, which she has put up as the abuse continued, revealed the number of incidences that she would be subjected to his verbal and physical abuse, including the time where the police eventually got involved. However, the boyfriend initially claimed and lied to the police saying, “It’s not my girlfriend that’s hurt. It’s only me that got hurt. Only me. She’s just acting,” to cover up his act.

The victim was reportedly beat up for four hours and a half and sustained two broken ribs and a bruisings on her face.

However, the investigation revealed that the assailant was only charged $10,380 crime and still continues to attend the same class as the victim, sparking outrage over the treatment of violent assailants under the law.

The video may contain upsetting audio recordings and images.

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