Victim of Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s Group Chat Steps Forward to Take Legal Action

She turned to the internet for help and netizens came through.

On a Korean community portal, an anonymous writer posted identifying herself as the victim of Seungri and Jung Joon Young‘s group chat and leaked videos.


While the original post has been since deleted, the victim commented she is sharing the truth because she wants to help with the police investigation, but is not sure how she can report or testify what has happened to her.

None of this is a lie. If anything I say redeems false, I’ll face the law for that.

— Victim


The victim then gave a detailed explanation of how her videos got circulated. She asked the internet for advice on how to cooperate with the police that is currently investigating the scandal.

When I first heard about Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s group chat being revealed, I tried not to look into it because I knew everyone in the group chat. I was nervous and scared to find out more about it. Then I grew curious, so I read the revealed conversations – only to find out that their ‘discussion’ happened on the day when it happened to me.

— Victim


The victim shared that “Mr. Kim” from the revealed group chat is the one who sexually assaulted her, then proceeded to share her pictures and videos taken without consent.

I started asking my friends about if those people still contact them. When I said I don’t have a good feeling about this, that’s when one of my friends told me about Mr. Kim has been laughing and boasting about how he raped me, but too much time has passed and there is no way he will be caught.

— Victim


As for the reason for stepping up now, the victim commented she wants Mr. Kim to face heavier charges for raping her and illegally filming it, on top of his current charges of circulating such contents.

I heard the police is looking for victims. I’m out of the country for personal business, so I’ve been a little behind on catching up with the progress. I’d like to help with whatever the police needs in order to fully investigate the case. I believe Mr. Kim is being pressed for circulation charges, and possibly physical assault, but I’d like to add rape and illegal videography charges to that. Wouldn’t that help me feel less victimized?

— Victim


The post blew up the internet community and the anonymous victim received a ton of support for her decision to step up. A reporter from one of Korea’s three major broadcasting companies also left contact information, offering to help her with her endeavor to bring justice to Mr. Kim.

  • “Try reaching out to The Its Know show. They’re covering the Seungri Scandal.”
  • “If you really are the person from the group chat, it must be super hard for you, but it is best that you go to the police and testify.”
  • “I’m reporter Kang Kyung Yoon from SBS Entertainment News. Please email me at, I will help you.”


The post is now edited to say the victim is receiving help and going through with the proper procedure to testify.

I’ve reported, as many of you have suggested. I’m now receiving the help and attention that I needed. I deleted the original post because I don’t want so much spotlight anymore.

— Victim


The victim explained that she deleted the original post because she did not want all of the negative attention and the accusations of calling her story fake.

Translation: “From the very beginning, I wrote the post because I needed the right attention so I can figure out where I can go for help. Luckily, this post led me to good people who are assisting me with taking the right legal actions, which is why I decided I should take down the original post. So many of you reached out with words of encouragement and support, but some were simply malicious, sarcastic, and accusing comments. I don’t need that kind of negativity, so I deleted the post. I won’t be returning to this post because I don’t want to waste my emotional energy here. I’d rather focus on going through with the lawsuit. To those of you who offered help and support, thank you. I won’t delete this until everything is resolved.”


The internet continues to show support for the victim and hopes that, with her appearance, the investigation will pick up pace and bring justice to those involved.

Source: My Daily and Nate Pann