VICTON Seungsik’s Fans Pulled Off A Major Stunt By Getting CASS To Gift Him With 26 Boxes Of Beer

Is an endorsement deal on its way?!

It all began with a fan-made video of VICTON‘s Seungsik being featured in a makeshift making video for CASS, a popular beer brand in Korea.

The video featured footages of Seungsik from another photoshoot but the fan made it look like he was filming for an ad for CASS!

The video was so popular that it caught the eye of the global brand itself! CASS commented under the tweet, “We’ve come after being summoned by the mention of CASS. But I can’t see the video. What is #Sikpu-nim and #Seungsikie?

And ALICEs were straight on its duty to introduce Seungsik to CASS! After learning of the idol’s identity, CASS asked for proof that Seungsik truly enjoyed drinking cass.

They tweeted, “Wow.. I see. [Seungsik fans]! (I get the name now) We need substantial proof that Kang Seungsik likes CASS

And proof they got! The fans provided multiple evidence of Seungsik’s love for CASS. He was frequently seen drinking CASS as his beverage of choice and he even proclaimed his love to his fans before!

After seeing all the evidence of Seungsik’s love for CASS, CASS claimed they will send Seungsik 26 boxes of CASS and a special edition bag just for him if they retweet their comment over 5,000 times.

And ALICEs got it done in straight away! CASS announced that they will be sending the special gift to VICTON right away all thanks to the fans!

Wow, [Seungsik fans]! Is this V Live voice really VICTON’s Seungsik? If it is, we will send 26 boxes of CASS to Kang Seungsik’s label. We’re looking for a special edition bag too…

If it’s right, please retweet it or comment below! If it exceed 5,000 retweets, we’ll send the request in to our manager.

Wait, ALICEs! Is it true that you got over 5,000 retweets in just a day?

I will let our manager know right away. But you say send it to their dorm?? (We might’ve gotten scolded by ALICEs if we sent it to Play M) Please let us know their address #PeachKangSeungSik #WeEnvyYou


And CASS may have just become a fan of VICTON! When a fan praised CASS for their gift with a blue and yellow heart, CASS curiously asked, “Is yellow and blue VICTON’s color?

As their curiosity grows, VICTON and Seungsik may have an endorsement deal on their hands with CASS! And it’s all thanks tot he dedicated ALICEs!