VICTON’s Cryptic “VIC KIDS_ZONE” Teaser Sends Fans Into Detective Mode

Can ALICE crack the code and decipher the meaning of this teaser video?

VICTON’s agency, IST Entertainment announced on May 2 that VICTON will have a comeback at the end of May.

On April 28, seven-member boy group VICTON uploaded a teaser video to their official YouTube channel, titled “VIC KIDS_ZONE”.  

The video starts out with one of the members using a DJ mixer, but then transitions to cropped clips of the members playing various arcade games, all while hip-hop instrumentals and R&B vocals play in the background.

VICTON “VIC KIDS_ZONE” Teaser Video | VICTON Official Channel/YouTube

The caption states “오월은 푸르구나~ 빅토니는 자란다~” (this May is green, VICTON grows up). “VIC KIDS_ZONE” most likely alludes to Children’s Day in South Korea, as it is set to release on the public holiday on May 5, and the caption is based off the lyrics of a famous Children’s Day nursery rhyme.

Interestingly, neither the video or the caption offer further description of what “VIC KIDS_ZONE” would be about, leaving ALICE confused and asking for more.

On Twitter, ALICE are sharing edited memes of the VICTON members to express their bewilderment with each other.

Some are speculating that the video is a precursor to a comeback announcement, especially since the group’s last comeback, LOGO MOTION, featuring title track “Chronograph”, was released back in January 2022.

VICTON “Chronograph” Music Video | VICTON Official Channel/YouTube

Two hawk-eyed ALICE wonder if VICTON could possibly be hard at work practicing for a new song after they noticed members Byungchan and Seungsik recently post to their Instagram stories from the group’s practice studio.

Instead of a comeback announcement, others believe that “VIC KIDS_ZONE” is either a special video dedicated to fans or content similar to a variety show.

One ALICE thinks “VIC KIDS_ZONE” will be a video where VICTON has cute interactions with kids.

VICTON has done a similar concept in episode five of their “Let’s VICTON” vlog, where they played games alongside toddlers at a kids cafe.

No matter what VICTON has up their sleeve to be released on May 5th, ALICE are already filled to the brim with excitement.

Source: VICTON Official YouTube Channel and VICTON Official Twitter