VICTON’s Sejun To Make His Movie Debut In Upcoming Film “Her Bucket List”

Fans will be excited to see him on the big screen!

VICTON‘s Sejun is set to make his big-screen acting debut for the upcoming movie called “Her Bucket List.”

On March 23, his agency Play M Entertainment confirmed that Sejun had been cast in the movie, also starring actors Na In Woo and Kim So Hye.

| Play M Entertainment

The film will be based on the Naver webtoon of the same name and follows a woman contemplating suicide after her boyfriend’s death. However, she wants to complete her bucket list before the grief becomes too much!

Sejun is cast as Ha Jun, who is a trainee idol, and Kang Sol’s (Na In Woo) best friend.

| Play M Entertainment

Although it will be his first movie role, it is not his first experience in acting! This role follows Sejun’s acting debut in 2019, where he played the lead in the web drama In-Out Sider. 

Fans can look forward to seeing Sejun showcase even more of his charms through this venture!